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    More than anything else, DRAPER HOUSE exists to promote creativity, proliferation of artists and their artwork, and the enjoyment of all of the above in various aspects of life, the public, and communities throughout the world. THESHOWCASE, a series of events put on by DRAPER HOUSE, seeks out artists and features them in a variety of venues, presenting them to the public in a way that excludes no one, encouraging the full participation of the general public where the events are held. THESHOWCASE aims to provide a means for creative growth and push the existing boundaries of artistic license to inspire our generation both now and later.

    In addition to THESHOWCASE, DRAPER HOUSE STUDIOS, a for-hire photography arm of DRAPER HOUSE, exists to capture the world photographically, with specialization in many areas, including, but not limited to, lifestyle, documentary, fashion, adverts, and fine art. Though we currently live in a digital era, our studio appreciates the original methods of photography and traces its roots of manual processes of film photography. Depending on your preference, we are able to provide photographs using 35mm, medium and large format cameras, all processed and developed manually in our dark room.

    Drawing on its experience and specialization in scheduling, promoting, and preparing public events, DRAPER HOUSE also provides full service event planning, consulting, and production services. Because DRAPER HOUSE hosts events and offers its services in many international locations, artists, participants, and attendees are able to access a variety of new environments in which to promote the arts and experience different cultures throughout the world.



    Sylvie Cho

    Principal – sylviecho@draperhouse.net

    Born and raised by the Golden Coast in Santa Monica, California, Sylvie is the founder of Draper House LLC. Though she is loyal to her roots, often times she finds it difficult to stay in one place for too long, and now based in London, England. With a BA in Media Business and Photography, she fuses her combined knowledge to platform worldwide exhibitions and redesign the concept and operation of photography studio houses.


    Laurence McKenna

    Principal Editor – laurence@draperhouse.net

    Laurence's work has focussed on the human stories in contemporary culture. His passion for media led him to London where he has lived for 4 years, learning and working towards a directorship. Through varied projects, he has built up an understanding of of the messages which are expressed through the media. Laurence provides the understanding, positivity and know-how to drive projects forward.


    Barbara De Assis

    Creative Director – babi.assis@draperhouse.net

    Brazilian born but currently based in Southern Spain and co-founded Dolfie, an innovative European shoe company. Alongside Dolfie, she is now spearheading Draper House as the Creative Director, and constantly exhibiting new ways to aesthetically stimulate our audience.


    Kim Rachel Hippe

    Public Relations – kimhippe@draperhouse.net

    Born in Germany, raised in India, and presently living in London - Kim has spent the last few years modeling, but her degree in media and illustration and her appreciation for art led her to join Draper House as the PR officer and also extends her focus in managing the exhibiting artists.



    THESHOWCASE represents a collection of artists and their works featured in a quarterly series of events hosted by DRAPER HOUSE. The main objective is to highlight two to four artists per event in a contiguous setting consistent with the DRAPER HOUSE name.

    THESHOWCASE events provide a dynamic and friendly environment for artists to present their work to others in the art community and to the general public with limited exclusivity, and share the venue with other artists relevant to their particular medium or genre in many different communities around the world. Locations may vary, and so may the themes within the individual venues, but the DRAPER HOUSE commitment to providing an unassuming and successful event remains constant.

    DRAPER HOUSE promotes each event with it's own sense of individuality and appeal. Varying the events geographically promotes access to new and differing locales, and facilitates the inclusion of people from many different regions and backgrounds, adding value to the events themselves.

    Artists are selected for THESHOWCASE based on individuality, appeal, and relevance. Venues are chosen based on practicality, ease of access to the public, and geographical relevance. Participating artists' profiles are featured on DRAPERHOUSE.NET in the days and weeks leading up to the event. Upon the event's conclusion, artwork remains available to the public online, depending on each artist's preference or the availability of the artwork.

    DRAPER HOUSE is committed to actively seeking out new artists for participation and encourages artists to submit their portfolios for consideration. The primary role of THESHOWCASE is to create and curate an unassuming and well-organized exhibition for talented artists to promote each other and achieve global notoriety.


    Previsous Event – London

    THESHOWCASE, London, April 6th

    Artists: Alexander Whittaker, Leigh Viner, Mary Pickering, Jacob Love

    Location: Gallery 27


    Did you do your homework? If you did, then this means you took the time to read the 'ABOUT' section which would have familiarised you with all we have to offer. However, we at Draper House, are aware that we live in a fast paced world, and its not always that easy to be the teacher's pet. So we have condensed our skills on this page for your convenience.

    Draper house is a multi-tasking platform of skills and services. We offer:
    - Video Production
    - Post Production and Edits
    - Commission of Photographers
    - Illustrations
    - Event planning

    Our team works with the latest gadgets on the market, but also practices and appreciates old-fashion methods from layered woodcut drawings to manual dark room processes... you know, try and mix the old with the new. Our photographers come from all cultural backgrounds and bring their own personal touch and style to each image. All we have to say about our illustration team is if you have a dream, an idea, or anything else under the sun we have the 'picture.'

    Event planning is never an easy task but we make it our goal to make it enjoyable and unique. Somewhere down the list of things to do, there's always that one tick mark that becomes problematic, but we will be there to fix it and possibly ease the stress and maybe provide some comical relief to the atmosphere. Tell us what you want, when you want it, and abracadabra... you will have it.

    For further information on our services or any other help you might require to complete your homework please don't hesitate to email us on info@draperhouse.net


    The catalogue for THESHOWCASE London is now available to download. THESHOP will be operational shortly, if you would like to purchase a piece before THESHOP is open then drop us an email at info@draperhouse.net

    Document Download

    THESHOWCASE catalogue


    April 6th, 2012